Owning a Home in the Hocking Hills

You should consider a number of topics when you are thinking about the location of your vacation home. You want the right mix of nearby attractions, activities, and conveniences for both visiting friends and family and for yourself while also having a sense of “getting away from it all”. The Hocking Hills region offers that perfect balance of escape and access. When choosing a location for building your vacation home, you may also want to consider the likelihood of future development that might alter the landscape you love. Though future development can be a challenge to predict anywhere, the Hocking Hills has the protected Wayne National Forest and a range of state forests and parks, providing a greater level of assurance about limited future developments. The presence of abundant natural wonders such as Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, and Conkle’s Hollow can’t be duplicated: The popular hollows and caves were formed from bedrock deposited ages ago and carved out over millions of years.

Those in the Hocking Hills know that man-made golf course communities come and go, and are no match for the timeless scenic attractions found in this beautiful, richly natural region.

In addition, if you plan to offset your costs by occasionally renting your vacation home to others, you can easily gauge rental rates and the existing supply and demand in the Hocking Hills area. With some research, you’ll see that rental properties are popular for non-home owners and can be a smart way to get some extra income when you're not using the property yourself.

Jubach Company has many secluded properties available in The Hocking Hills just waiting for you to make one your vacation retreat.