What is an Invest-A-Vacation Property?

It's an opportunity for you to build a vacation home where you can go to spend quality time with your family several times a year. It's the home of your dreams - a beautiful, custom built log home in the Hocking Hills with all the amenities that you look forward to when you rent a cabin.

But we get it. You’re busy and you can’t get down to the Hills every weekend or for months at a time to justify building a place of your own.

So, instead of building this beautiful home and letting it sit dormant when you're not able to use it, we work with you to set up all of the property management functions and marketing to generate income on your property when you are not using it. The property is available for you to use and it can pay for itself!

It's the best of both worlds! The perfect place for you to relax, unplug and connect with family AND a great investment. Learn more in our recent blog post or contact us today to learn more!